Art work of Stephen Hawks and students from FSU, UTB, and UTRGV.


Stephen Hawks                                                                                       850-491-6436                                                                                     15 Poinsettia Pl.                                                                                      Brownsville TX 78520         

Web Pages:

Word Press:

Fine Art America:

LinkedIn Profile:



  • MFA- Florida State University: Ceramics/Intermedia; Teaching/technical assistantship, Ceramics, 2007-2010
  • BFA- Valdosta State University: Art/Ceramics; Cum Laude, 1982-1984
  • AA- South Georgia College: Theater Arts Major; music/art minor; Regents scholarship, honor graduate, Fine Arts award-1980 &1981; Spring 1979-Spring 1981, Spring 1982
  • Columbus State University: MAE program; Fall 2003 – Spring 2006
  • University of Georgia: art/ceramics; Fall 1981
  • Sugar Creek Pottery/ Hawks Pottery: Douglas GA, pottery apprenticeship; 1979-1984,
  • Georgia Governor’s Honors Program: art major, Macon GA; summer 1977



University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, College of Fine Arts, School of Art, Brownsville, Texas, 2015-2018

Lecturer Ceramics (hired full time for the next 3 years)

Teach All Ceramics courses at the Brownsville Campus, as well as other Art related courses (Ceramics 1, Ceramics2, Intermediate Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, 2D Design, 3D Design, Art Appreciation); Maintain Large State-of-the- Art Ceramic Studio; Conduct Department related Duties- Course Assessment, Recruitment, Hiring Committee, etc.

UTRGV Department/University Services College of Fine Arts, School of Art

(including services to UTRGV legacy institution UTB):

  • Collaborative Teaching with Visiting Artist, Gabrielle Armenier, introducing Eurhythmy and its relationship to sculpture to UTRGV, February28 – March 2, 2017
  • Development of recruitment materials with UTRGV Marketing
  • UTRGV School of Art Scholarship Committee, 2015-2017
  • Coordinate Raheleh Filsoofi Artist Talk and Presentation, UTRGV, Brownsville, October 26, 2016
  • Graduate Selection Committee, Fall 2016
  • Graduate Ceramic Supervisor, Fall 2016
  • Work Study Supervisor, Fall 2016
  • Rusteberg 130 Fire Deputy, 2016
  • Developed 2D Design Course, Fall 2016
  • Involved in safety and general upgrade decisions for Brownsville facility, 2016
  • UTRGV School of Art Curriculum Planning And Scheduling Committee, 2016
  • UTRGV School of Art Hiring Committee for West Campus, Spring, 2015
  • Supervised Work Study Students, 2012-2015
  • Recruitment for UTRGV School of Art, San Benito High School, 2015
  • The above included the development of a PPT presentation for both ceramics and the department as a whole
  • UTB Visual Arts Scholarship Committee, 2012-2015
  • Portfolio Day, with UT Austin, Department of Art and Art History, Brownsville ISD, Brownsville, TX, 2014-2016
  • Art Club Sponsor: Artcelots at UTB, 2013-2014
  • Studio Safety Training and implementation for Ceramics and Wood Working
  • UTB Faculty Exhibit, Brownsville TX- 2013, 2015
  • UTB Artopia, Judge, Brownsville TX- 2013
  • Course assessments for each semester with visual documentation
  • Art Dept. Liaison for the Education Dept. NCAT assessment and accreditation
  • Taught all graduate level Art Ed courses and Developed and taught the Graduate Art Education capstone course and final project, 2014SP_ARTS_6325_01: Art Education Studio, for the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, 2013-2014
  • Assessment for above program including accreditation assessment for NCATE.
  • Participated in meetings with combined UTB and UTPA art faculty
  • Managed Ceramic Studio at UTB: firing gas and electric kilns, mixing clay and glazes, repairing and maintaining equipment, cleaning, ordering materials supplies and equipment, photographing ceramic work- Fall 2012- Fall 2015. I have been instrumental in repairs and upgrading equipment, including wheels and the computer kilns we have. The equipment we have purchased required extensive research and securing multiple bids: scales, Banding wheels Portable wheel, Large Raku Kiln with lift, new electric Kiln for tall works, Pug mill/mixer. I also maintain a photo booth for photographing 3D work.
  • Taught all advanced Art History courses, Fall 2012- Spring 2014
  • Studio Safety Training and implementation for Ceramics and Wood Working: UTB
  • Computer literacy: Learning to use more and more equipment and programs since being here
  • Professionally Related Services:
  • Student Summer Workshop, Hawks Pottery Douglas GA, 2016
  • Awards Assignment for Brownsville International Film Festival, given to Advanced Ceramics Class, fall 2016, Teacher and Student Involvement.
  • Ceramic Artifacts Research for Brownsville History Museum, Spring 2016
  • Discover UTRGV Academic Fair, March 5, 2016
  • Brownsville Elementary school Election Day Art Fair, UTB, 2015
  • Gave Letters of recommendations and served as a professional reference for at least 10 UTB and UTRGV students and graduates and many of those more than once.
  • Testing Prospected GA Kaolin for The Patsiliga Potter’s Guild
  • Community Service:
  • 1989-2015 Art donations for fund raising at Westville Inc., Stewart County Historical Society, Empty Bowl Fundraisers, and various non-profit groups in Georgia and the Rio Grande Valley area, including The Brownsville Zoo, The Brownsville History Museum,  and the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art


      Scholarship/Professional Development:

Much of this is integrally connected with the teaching of all of my classes and mentoring students. This is a daily process.

  • My core research is in ceramics but ranges far afield, primarily in the arts but also in other disciplines.
  • My expertise is in high fire slip and vaper glazing, and wood firing which I did for over 20 years.
  • I continue to research glazing in all temperature ranges and types.
  • I continue to expand my knowledge of the necessary repair and maintenance for ceramic related equipment.
  • I am investigating historical and nascent connections between ceramics and hermetic lore both east and west.




  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Promoted from Lecturer I 2015 to Lecturer II 2016, 2017, full time (hired for 3 years): Teaching and  Ceramic Studio Management, Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2, Intermediate Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, 2D Design, 3D Design, Art Appreciation, Brownsville Texas, 2015-2018
  • University of Texas at Brownsville: Art Appreciation (5 sections), 3D Design, Ceramics I and II (3 sections), Advanced Ceramics (3 sections), Far East Asian Art History, Modern and Contemporary Art History, American Art History, Current Topics in Art Education, Art Education in Western History, 19th Century European Art, Latin American Art and Architecture, Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican Art and Architecture, Ceramic Studio Management, NCATE Assessment, Lecturer (full time), Brownsville Texas, 2012-2015
  • Carteret Communities College: Art History, Art Appreciation, Painting I &II, instructor (Guest Lecturer), Morehead City NC, 2012
  • Coastal Carolina Community College: Introduction to Art, instructor, Jacksonville NC, 2011
  • South Georgia College: Introduction to Art, instructor (2 classes) Douglas GA,
  • Florida State University: Guest Lecture– The Face Jug in Southern Folk Pottery Tradition, with a Brief History And Origins:, Tallahassee FL 2008
  • Florida State University: Guest LectureGoethean and Anthroposophical Color Theory: Carrie Ann Baade’s Color Theory class; 2009
  • Florida State University: Wheel Throwing: Instructor, (2 classes) Tallahassee FL- 2008-2009
  • Lafayette Arts and Craft Center: Adult throwing class: Instructor, Tallahassee FL- 2009
  • Florida State University: Advanced Ceramic Sculpture: Teaching Assistant- FSU, Tallahassee FL- 2008
  • Westville, Inc.: Clay related workshops: Lumpkin, GA- 1988-2007
  • Columbus State University: Intern Program: Instructor, Westville pottery, 2006
  • Brookstone School: Hand building, storytelling: Guest Instructor, Columbus GA- 1998-2005
  • Andrew College: Seminar- History of Ceramics: guest lecturer, Cuthbert GA-2002
  • Kolomoki State Park: Native American/ Mound Culture pottery techniques: Demonstrator, Blakely GA- 1991, 1992
  • Habitat for Humanity: Appropriate technology workshops: Facilitator 1993,1994
  • Boy’s Clubs: Wheel throwing, hand building classes: Instructor, Columbus, Ga.-1997
  • Adult drawing class, Instructor, Lumpkin, Ga.-1998


Courses Taught:

  • Beginning ceramics, Hand Building
  • Beginning ceramics, Wheel Throwing
  • Intermediate Ceramics
  • Advanced Ceramics Hand Building, Wheel Throwing, and Mold Making
  • Graduate Studio Problems in Ceramics
  • Seminar- History of Ceramics
  • Beginning Drawing
  • Beginning Painting (acrylic)
  • Intermediate Painting (oil)
  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Survey of Western Art History
  • Far East Asian Art History
  • Modern and Contemporary Art History
  • American Art History
  • 19th Century European Art
  • Latin American Art and Architecture
  • Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican Art and Architecture
  • Current Topics in Art Education
  • Art Education in Western History
  • Graduate Art Ed Studio
  • Art Appreciation
  • Appropriate technology workshops
  • Primitive firing Workshops
  • Basketry workshops
  • Puppetry workshops


Historic Interpreter/ potter, Historic Westville, Inc.; Lumpkin, GA, 1988-2007

This position which lasted for 19 years included a wide variety of tasks related to working in a living history museum. Foremost was my work as a potter. I worked daily with the museum visitors, did grant writing, studio maintenance, wood working, blacksmithing, video, PR, etc.


Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts
  • Potter’s Council
  • National Council on Education and the Ceramic Arts
  • Gadsden Arts, Inc.
  • Columbus Museum
  • The Patsiliga Potter’s Guild


Exhibition Curator, Judge, and Installation:

  • Brownsville Elementary school Election Day Art Fair, UTB, 2015
  • UTB Artopia, Judge, Brownsville TX- 2013
  • Solo Exhibit: James earl Carter Library Gallery, Georgia Southwestern

University, Americus GA- 1992: October 2010

  • MOFA, Full and Spare, volunteer, Tallahassee FL- 2008
  • BBC, Halloween Exhibit, volunteer, Tallahassee FL- 2009
  • Georgia Pottery Tradition, Colquitt County Arts Center, Participant and Assistant curator of folk potter D. X. Gordy work from Westville and private collections, Moultrie, GA- 2001


Technical Ceramic work:

  • Manage Ceramic Studio at UTRGV, all aspects, Brownsville TX-2015-2017
  • Consultant for The Patsiliga Kiln Building/Design, and Firing, Buckner Farm, Junction City GA- 2015-2016
  • Managed Ceramic Studio at UTB, all aspects, Brownsville TX-2012-2014
  • Technical MFA assistantship: kiln firing and repair, clay making, general studio Maintenance; Florida State University, Tallahassee FL- 2008-2009
  • Historic Westville, Inc.: Lumpkin, GA, complete operation and maintenance of 1850 pottery, with traditional and modern equipment and materials, included firing a 130 cu ft. wood kiln regularly- 1988-2007 (consultant 2007-2015)
  • University of GA, work study, materials, inventory, and supply- 1981
  • Sugar Creek Pottery Apprenticeship and employee, clay preparation, glaze mixing, kiln loading and firing, general maintenance- 1976-1984

Artist, self-employed: pottery, painting, sculpture, basketry-1984- present

Hogshead Studio and Gallery, co-owner, Toccoa and Athens GA- 1985-1987

Additional Experience:

  • Sculpture Inside Out, Festiba Event, A Presentation on the Arts of Sculpture and Eurhythmy, by Gabrielle Armenier and Stephen Hawks, TSC Fine Arts Center, Brownsville TX, 7:30 p.m. March 2, 2017
  • Portfolio Day, with UT Austin, Department of Art and Art History, Brownsville ISD, Brownsville, TX, November 1, 2014, October 17, 2015, October 8, 2016
  • Participant in spring Wood Firing of Patsiliga Kiln, Buckner Farm, Junction City GA- 2015-2016
  • Featured Guest Artist, Stonewall Creek Vineyards, September 2015
  • Summer Workshops and Wood Firings with Jon Brinley, Sweetgum Pottery, Midland GA, Summer 2014 and Summer 2015
  • UTRGV Visual Arts Dept. Hiring Committee for West Campus Spring, 2015
  • Recruitment for UTRGV Dept. of Art, San Benito High School, 2015
  • Art Club Sponsor: Artcelots at UTB, 2013-2014
  • Studio Safety Training and implementation for Ceramics and Wood Working: Westville, FSU, UTB
  • Kiln and Wheel Building and Repairs
  • Assessment and Accreditation Involvement: Art Appreciation (assessment), Carteret Community College; Art Ed, Masters of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Texas at Brownsville (accreditation)
  • Computer literacy: PC and MAC, some video and music editing, Blackboard
  • Theater: over 10 years’ experience in sets, props, lighting, and makeup design, production, acting, directing, singing, dance, and writing
  • Video: Edited video with original sound track, video performance
  • Music: trumpet, piano, guitar, etc.
  • Writer: poetry, fiction, technical, web blog: Art and Anthroposophy
  • Wood Works: Proficient with most wood working and construction tools



  • Fruits of the Earth, Artwork by Stephen Hawks, Brownsville TX, December 3, 2016
  • 100 Artists, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, September, 2016
  • Featured Artist Fall Festival, Buckner Farm, Junction City GA- October, 2016
  • Solo Exhibit, Parks Memorial Library, Richland GA. July, 2016
  • The Texas Main Street Program, The City of Brownsville, and UTRGV Cueto Building Reception Exhibit for the First Lady of Texas, May, 2016
  • 44th International Art Show, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Honorable Mention 3D, First Place Digital Media, March 23 – April 13, 2016
  • Faculty Art Exhibition, UTRGV Brownsville Campus, Rusteburg Gallery, February 23, 2015 – March 25, 2016
  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Art 2016 Faculty Exhibit, Edinburg TX, February 16 – March 9, 2016
  • Mud, Ceramic Artists of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Galleria 409, Brownsville Texas, December 2015
  • Small Works, Galleria 409, Brownsville Texas, October 2015
  • The Sensory and Perception Experience, Historic Brownsville Museum, October 9- November 14,2015
  • Featured Guest Artist, Stonewall Creek Vineyards, September 2015
  • Poetry of Earth: Works by Sally Bradley and Stephen Hawks, Columbus Museum, May 31- October 11, 2015
  • 43rd International Art Show, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, 2nd Place in 3D, April 15 – April 27, 2015
  • The Last Hurrah, UTB Faculty Exhibit, Brownsville TX and Edinburg TX, Spring 2015
  • Art on Campus, FSU, Tallahassee FL. 2013-2014
  • Present Company Excluded: or The Disposability of the Decisive Moment, Santé Fe College Gallery, Gainesville FL, January 12- March 28, 1914
  • 2013 Ceramic Showdown Exhibition, South Texas College, Weslaco TX, March 2013
  • UTB Faculty Exhibit, Rusteburg Hall Gallery, March, 2013/2014
  • The Metamorphosis of Fear, The Basilica, Hudson NY, 2011
  • Mother and Son Exhibit: Carnage Arts Center, Fitzgerald GA, May, 2011
  • Material Matrix: Tempus Project, Tampa FL, During NCECA, 2011
  • American Tradition: Southern Pottery (1800-Present), The Columbus Museum, Columbus GA- October 23, 2010- January 16, 2011
  • Solo Exhibit, James earl Carter Library Gallery, Georgia Southwestern University, Americus GA, 1992 and again October 2010, workshop, lecture, and gallery talk- October12, 2010
  • MFA Thesis Exhibit, Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University,
  • Tallahassee, FL- 2010
  • Little Things Mean A Lot, The Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta GA- 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
  • Ceraminar, Phyllis Straus Gallery, Tallahassee FL- 2009
  • Columbus State University Invitational Exhibit: Columbus GA- 2009
  • The Loft: Tallahassee FL: 2 person show- 2009-2010
  • Contemporary Clay, exhibit, BBC Gallery, Tallahassee FL, 2008
  • On the Wall/ Off the Wall, Art and Science, BBC Gallery, performance and installation, with Julie Giot and Brittani Wegman, Tallahassee FL, 2008
  • Halloween Exhibit, BBC Gallery, Ode to a Man Named Tennessee, performance with Liz Gibson, reader and trumpet player, 2009
  • One-person Exhibit, Tallahassee FL, 2007
  • FSU Exhibit, Oglesby Union Gallery, best in Show 2007, Purchase award, 2009
  • FLOCAS Juried Exhibit: Tampa, Gainesville, and Tallahassee FL, 2008
  • FSU: Artbrary, 2007-2008, 2009, 2010
  • Georgia Pottery Show and Sale at Hambidge: juried invitational, Rabun Gap GA-,2007
  • Keeping the Fire: Georgia Wood-Firing Potters: Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum, LaGrange GA, 2006
  • Fired Works, Regional Ceramic Exhibition: Macon Arts Gallery, Macon GA, 2006
  • Synovus Grant: $5,000 for building of new kiln at Westville, 2006
  • Featured artist: Gallery 808, Columbus GA, February- May, 20006
  • Curator’s Choice Exhibition: Columbus Museum, Columbus GA, 2006
  • Perspectives, Georgia Potter’s and Collector’s Exhibit: OCAF, Watkinsville GA, 2003-2007
  • Mudfire Gallery: Teapot-a-go-go 2. Atlanta GA, 2004
  • Potters of Ga. and North Carolina: Bascom-Louise Gallery, Highlands NC, 2001,2003
  • Georgia Pottery Tradition: Colquitt County Arts Center, Moultrie GA, 2001
  • Columbus Artist’s Guild Show: Best in show, Columbus GA, 2000
  • Solo Exhibit: Miriam’s Gallery, Columbus GA, 1998
  • Regional Arts Grant: Georgia Council for the Arts-1994, 1995
  • Featured Artist: Black Swan Gallery, Santa Fe NM,1987



Moment, Published by Santé Fe College Gallery, Gainesville Fl, 2014

  • Art and Anthroposophy, Editor, on-line blog, 2012-present
  • The Inkling: Journal of the GA Poetry Society, (illustration), 2010, 2012
  • Master’s Thesis 2010, Social Sculpture USA, Published February 2011 at:
  • “Filling the Gap”: by director, Tyrone Young, Documentary on antebellum black culture, consultant concerning black potters in the south, Westville- 2007
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Georgia: discussed in section on folk arts of the Chattahoochee Valley and Living History Museums
  • Early American Life, feature article- May 2005
  • Arden, CSU Literary Journal (poetry, illustration), 2004, 2005
  • Guidebook to Georgia Potters: Rebecca Wood- 2003
  • Oglethorpe’s Dream, coffee table book on GA- 2002
  • Ceramics Monthly, Up Front article-1993, feature article– Nov. 2001
  • Journal for Anthroposophy (poetry, ceramic)- 2000, 2001
  • The Magic and Mystery of Westville: Book of photography by Mike

Haskey and essay by Billy Winn; featured on cover and in book- 1999

  • Westville Pottery with Stephen Hawks (video), MBF Productions-1997
  • Georgia Country Life, article-1995
  • The Anne Varnum Show: Dothan AL talk show, interviews 1990-2000
  • Brothers in Clay, video, Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences-1991
  • Colonial Homes, Featured in article about Westville – 1991


COLLECTIONS (selection)

Jimmy, Rosalynn, and  Amy Carter, Ted Turner, Zell Miller, Columbus Museum (Columbus GA), Georgia visitor center (Plains GA), Westville Museum and  Bedingfield Inn Museum (Lumpkin GA), Segundo Fernandez (Tallahassee FL), Elain Horwitz Gallery (Santa Fe NM), Bellini and Marti (Amsterdam), J. Rouff Enterprises (New York NY), FSU Oglesby Union (Tallahassee FL), Blanch Reeves (Atlanta GA), CSU International Student’s Organization, Columbus GA, Allen Woodall (Columbus GA)



          Holly A Hanessian, Area Head of Ceramics   Email-

University address:  Department of Art

College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance

220 Fine Arts Building

Florida State University                                             Phone: (850) 645-7208

Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1150           Web site:


Keaton Wynn                                            Email-

Professor of Ceramic Art and Art History

Fine Arts Building Room 106                         Home Address- P.O. Box 405

Georgia Southwestern University                                    Plains, GA 31780

Americus GA  31709                                                Phone- 229-824-7766


          Mathew Moye                                                     Email-

Past Director of Westville                                         Phone- 229-838-6817

6130 US Hyw 27

Lumpkin GA 31815


Kristen Miller Zohn                                              Email-

Previous Curator of Collections at The Columbus Museum, Inc.

Currently Executive Director

Costume Society of America

P.O. Box 852

Columbus, GA 31902-0852                                        Phone- 706-615-2851



          Threefold Studio Gallery, Lumpkin GA

Hallelujah Pottery, Sewanee TN

Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Brownsville TX

Gadsden Cultural Arts Center, Gadsden FL



Signature Shop and Gallery Buckhead GA
Westville Lumpkin GA
Trail of Tears Gallery Atlanta GA
Avery Gallery Marietta GA
The Clayton House Stone Mountain GA
Tekawith Gallery Helen GA
A. R. T. in Atlanta Atlanta GA
Ocmulgee Gallery Macon GA
Pisgah Inn Hendersonville NC
Old Edwards Inn Highlands NC
Black swan Gallery Albuquerque NM
Elain Horwich Gallery Santa Fe NM
Santa Fe Style Washington D. C.
Buffalo Gallery Alexandria VA
Phoenix Interiors Potomac MD
American Market Place Washington D. C.
Wood and Stone New York NY
Spider Woman Design Santa Fe NM
The Columbus Museum Shop Columbus GA
The Winsor Gallery Americus GA
Mole Hill Pottery Signal Mountain TN
Art Masters Studio Gallery Watkinsville GA
The Naturals Pine Mountain GA
Seven Sisters Gallery Black Mountain NC



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